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His Grace His Excellency Cmdr. Sir Samuel Vimes
18 February 1974
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"Sam" is not my real name. Read about my namesake.

I think deeply, feel deeply, care deeply, laugh heartily. I love life. I'm generally an optimist; I see much cause for grief, but also many reasons to be joyful. I'm an introvert and spend most of my time indoors, but I do like going out occasionally, especially with someone I love. I have Geek Pride. I have Nerd Pride. My hobbies give me pleasure, but it's my relationships that give my life meaning. I don't fear death, but I want to live at least another 300 years--there's so much to do.

"He's like this serene island in a churning sea of WTF." --kyra_ojosverdes

I have a TMI filter (mainly sexual stuff) and a Work Shmork filter (mainly bit--er, complaints). Comment if you want in.

My policy: Anyone is welcome to link to any public post I make. I figure, someone could stumble across my words via Google or the like, so there's no reason to have people ask for permission every time they want to put a URL in their post (or on a web page outside LJ, for that matter) that leads to something in my journal. I'm also fine with people quoting me, provided they include a link to the post as attribution. Locked posts are another matter, of course. :)
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